Trendsfashion Incorporation

Privacy Policy

TrendsFashion Incorporation takes privacy very seriously. We want our clients to buy with the confidence that their sensitive information will never be disclosed to a third party. We do store some information so please take the time to review our Privacy Policy:

What information does TrendsFashion Incorporation store?

We collect some basic information from the clients who visit our site to improve your shopping experience. The information we collect includes:

- Data entered in our online registration form including contact info, username and password
- Correspondence between clients and Trendy Leather may be stored for customer service purposes
- Information on the visitors of our websites including location, traffic, date and time

Does TrendsFashion Incorporation share my information?

No. TrensFashion Incorporation will never disclose, sell, rent or otherwise share any of your sensitive personal information. It should be noted that TrendsFashion is obliged to comply with any legal requests from a law enforcement agency that forces us to divulge your information. Lastly, obviously, your shipping address will be provided to the company that physically ships the package to your location; this is the one exception.

Our clients Financial information will not be stored